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Who we are

LTC is the reseller of the best Lasertag systems in the world.

We buy, test, stress and squeeze rifles in our arenas, bring systems to the limit and finally market only the best products.

Before being resellers we are players and managers of indoor and outdoor arenas. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each individual component. We transfer our experience in the field gained in 10 years of activity in tactical games to those who enter the world for the first time or want to renew their equipment.

LTC started its activity in 2010 in the field of airsoft, organizing large sporting and amateur events. In recent years, the lasertag has made it possible to make the experience of a live video game accessible to everyone. By exploiting the potential of the lasertag and introducing an innovative management software, it was possible to transform a niche sport practiced by a few professionals into a game open to all that offers a very different experience than softair, lasergame qzar and paintball.

The team is led by 4 young people who grew up together sharing a passion for tactical games.

We organized and managed large events which were also reported in the national and local press. The most important publications include a special in the Gazzetta dello Sport and a direct broadcast by RaiNews24 from the Bad Moon 3 event which was attended by over 300 players from all over Italy.



Ceo Ltc




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Service center

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